Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

ADEPT Foundation

ADEPT Foundation Transilvania, being established with the purpose of preserving the bio-diversity and landscapes in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as Sighisoara/Tarnava Mare region – offers support to the local communities in order to obtain the benefits and income that preserving these landscapes could bring.

ADEPT Foundation is one of the main organisations that develop management plans for the Areas of Outstanding National Beauty protected by law in Romania. The plan, which is in accordance with the points of public interest, provides an enhanced and valuable support for these areas.

ADEPT Foundation has facilitated the inclusion of an area of approximately 328 square miles (85000 hectares) in the Natura 2000 network, creating the SCI Sighisoara/ Tarnava Mare SC site in 2007. The site includes a population of 25000 inhabitants. Since 2007, ADEPT has initiated a variety of activities to benefit the local communities, such as: the Tourist Information Centre, the Tarnava Mare Tourism Association; created and marked the hiking tracks, developed agri-environment measures and promoted local entrepreneurs; introduced local products to the market and supported educational activities related to the environment.

Therefore, the Foundation has established as its main objectives  the preservation of the bio-diversity in the area and the growth of the Saxon villages in the South East Transylvania. As the high diversity of the area cannot be protected without getting the people involved, the Foundation has identified the best activities to be carried out in the area and the best people to execute them. As well as that, they emphasised on agri-tourism ‘because there are many tourists who appreciate this area and we’re trying to keep them here’…

The Foundation also provides counselling for the locals and encourages them to promote and develop their ecological agricultural businesses and agri-tourism, and helps them lay schemes for attracting government funding. The locals in the Saxon villages have also created small scale corporations with the same purple bull thistle symbol that can be found on all of the products’ labels from the area. ADEPT foundation has now expanded to other regions of Romania and collaborates with other international NGO’s and the European Union in order to guarantee the continuous use of good practices, and modern and adequate methodologies for rural development.

For further information on ADEPT Foundation, visit the ADEPT official website: http://www.fundatia-adept.org/