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AGAPIS Foundation

AGAPIS Foundation is a non-governmental organization from Zalău (Sălaj County). The foundation began its activity in 1997, as an organization focused on developing the community from Ileanda village (Sălaj) through projects supported by local initiatives.

From its very beginnings, Agapis has been acting as a link between the community and its development opportunities. Nowadays, Agapis has established itself as one of the most active actors in the local NGO sector, aiming to implement sustainable and integrated development projects for local communities through:

* consulting services and technical assistance in defining and implementing community development strategies
* support small-scale farmers, promote local “home-made” products and create a local brand
* promote the traditional village and the rich cultural and historical heritage from the Valley of  Barcău River region
* promote social inclusion and entrepreneurship
* encourage social responsibility and volunteering

One of our key priorities is to raise awareness of the economical benefits small-scale farmers could obtain through responsible tourism, traditional farming or through efficiently promoting their products such as silvoita (plumb jam), cheese and meat products, homemade bread, tea herbs, “palinca” (local alcoholic drink) and honey related products.

Therefore, understanding how important developing a community through valuing its local resources is, Agapis works in close cooperation with communities from Salaj, aiming to improve their living standards, while stimulating a sustainable social-economic development.

To find out more, visit the AGAPIS Foundation website: http://www.agapis.ro.