Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

The Valley of the Barcau River

The Valley of the Barcau River means unique places such as the Barcau Springs, the Trout Farm in Tusa, watermills, the ruins of the Subcetate citadel, the Preoteasa rock formation, thermal springs, the Banffy Castle, the Iaz swamps, the Ethnographic Museum, Morii Valley, the fallow dears in Lapis forest, slovakian villages, the bison preserve, potato pies (polisneac), silvoita, Cherry palinca…. Plenty of legends, live traditions, generous, hard-working and warm people.

The Valley of the Barcau River means 8 communes that lay quietly at the foothills of the Plopis Mountains, which are a part of the Apuseni Mountains. Here live over 20.000 people, people that pour their soul in everything they do, reason for which these places are of a rare diversity and beauty.