Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

‘A kind-hearted apiculturist from Salaj’ – this it what the honey expert calls himself. He is a member of The Romanian Federation of Apirian Associations and in his day-to-day job he is a veterinary technician. Born in Horoatu Crasnei – Salaj, 63 years ago, he has been practicing apiculture for over 50 years.

He discovered his passion for apiculture when he was 13 years old, when he opened his first beehive. Back in that period of Communist Agrarian Policy, his father owned beehives, hence this family tradition.

His inclination for beekeeping materialised when he was 24, while taking part in an international exchange in Finland. He then participated in different markets and conferences on health issues, apiculture and apitherapy. He agreed to tell us about the APIMONDIA Conference in Montpellier, 2009, The Market for a Healthy Future in Cluj-Napoca 2012 – the 5th Congress; The  Expo and workshop with international participants, Cluj-Napoca 2012. The DAR Apiarist has invented a new type of pollen collector, created and tested plenty of therapeutic recipes based on honey, pollen, propolis, and virgin wax. At the moment he works on developing a new type of beehive. In 2013, he will take part in a international conference on apitherapy and apiculture.

He is proud of his work and that his ‘health nectar’ is well known nationally as well as internationally. ‘I have friends who are apiarists all over the world now’ – he says. About The art of DAR, he only says that ‘ In order to preserve the 70 (tested) bio-active substances the honey contains, you must avoid warming it up or exposing it to direct sunlight’. Simple, but importnant facts.

His wish of remaining anonymous proves his desire of keeping the secrets of the trade private.

A kind-hearted apiculturist from Salaj!