Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

Mr Stefan Sipos – born in 1959, jokes: „I was born in sawdust!”. To make sure his legacy is carried on, he became a technician at the „Ion Andreescu” Arts and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, where he took up the role of a mentoring tutor for the Design students work placements, as well.

The art of DAR Carpenter graduated from the No.4 Technical School and then at the „Unirea” High-school he was in charge of mechanical manufacturing by splintering, working as lathe and milling machine operator and planer.

During the `80s, he participated in many competitions and he won the 1st place at the National Trade Competition.

His passion in wood processing is inherited from his father who used to refurbish antique furniture and taught him the secrets of the trade and the art in it.

His lifetime dream is to have his own workshop where he would be able to bring the wood to life, to give it brilliancy and priceless value.