Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

Ligia Bodea, a young lady of only 19, from Iaz, Sălaj county, decided 7 years ago to transform the house she inherited from her grandmother into an ethnography museum. She started gathering the thousand of objects she now displays, such as traditional costumes, pottery and religious icons on glass almost a decade ago. This unique museum and its remarkable proprietor, Ligia, are now both famous in Romania, helped along the way by fruitful collaborations with the local authorities in Sălaj county as well as promoting her passion and love for the cultural and spiritual heritage of her native area at various fares and events across the country.

Ligia says her enthusiasm for etnography comes from her grandmother. She initially collected things from her grandparents, then, later on, with the help of her parents, she collected objects from all the villages from Valea Barcăului. Ligia is most proud of her authentic, hand embroidered folk costume collection and of her pottery collection, both over a century old.

Ligia also loves painting, especially glass icons. Her passion, courage and love for painting is what brought her close to The Art of Dar project, as she is the one who waxed the oak frames in which these exceptional products sit.