Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

Ion Tămâian is one of the co-founders of Ion Art Glass company, set up in 1992. A graduate of the Ion Andreescu Arts Academy from Cluj-Napoca and a member of the Romanian Artists Union, Ion Tămâian is a well known glass artist, famous for his prestigious artistic performances. He has been exhibited widely in Romania (Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, București) and also in various European countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway), in the US and in Japan.

His workshop is located in Șelimbăr, Sibiu county and is permanently open to those interested in glass making. Ion’s work was inspired by his father, who was also a glass maker. As a child, Ion was influnced by the glassmakers in the nearby Poiana Codrului glass factory, where he spent almost a decade working after graduating from high school.

His company today has some 50 employees. Ion says they are the best glass makers in the he has ever worked with and that they are a real support to his business.

Ion Art produces unique and small glass work series, emphasising their quality, which is why some of their pieces sometimes take a long time to finish.

When asked what is his inspiring muse, Ion says that ‚Romania is the ideal place for being creative’.

The exceptional glass work in the exquisite The Art of Dar was created by Ion Tămâian.