Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

The Transyvanian art is the art of DAR!

The art of DAR is the symbol of exclusiveness, quality and refinement while symbolising Nature and Transylvanian practices.

Its uniqueness is due to its superior products quality: honey from the Valleys of Barcau River and jams prepared using Ms Gerda Gherghiceanu’s special recipes from Viscri, in the Tarnava Mare region. These areas are known for their bio-diversity and pure soils that haven’t been tampered with chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Its exclusiveness is due to the packaging especially created by the best local artisans and due to the limited number – 1001 pieces from each region: Tarnava Mare and The Valleys of Barcau River. Each piece (the glass artist doesn’t allow us to call it ‘jar’) is covered in a fabric that has printed on it the respective symbols: a peacock for the honey from the Valleys of Barcau River and the bull thistle for the jams from Tarnava Mare.

The product comes as part of a package that consists of the sweet natural delight stored in a glass masterpiece which has attached to it a classic dessert spoon, made of silver, so that you can enjoy the product to the last bit. It is presented in an wooden prop – oak polished with natural bee wax. The overall packaging is a specially designed cardboard wrapping, printed with natural pigment: burnt sienna ink.

You can purchase the product on www.artofdar.com, by specifying: the type of product (honey or jam), its number (between 1 and 1001) and the contact information: name, surname, address of delivery. If you would like to purchase it as a gift, please specify the address you want your DAR (gift) to be sent to.

You can choose your product number strictly in accordance with the stock availability (1001) and the remaining numbers. Therefore, if someone important to you turns 40, you could send them as a birthday present the product with the same number.

The 1001st of each product is subject to auction. The added value of acquiring the 1001st of these precious products is receiving the ‘The art of DAR’ membership card, which means:

–        you will be acknowledged as being one of the select people who were introduced to the Transylvanian art of DAR;

–        you will have 5 oaks planted in your honour, bearing your name. The initiative of planting the oaks came with the decision of using oak wood as part of the packaging. We borrow some of the Nature’s miracles, but we protect it by replacing/ replanting.

ADEPT Foundation, in collaboration with AGAPIS Foundation from Salaj, have supported the launch of this project. The art of DAR are products especially created and dedicated to the aknowledgement and promotion of the Tarnava Mare and the Valley of Barcau River regions, the rich bio-diversity, the Transylvanian crafts and arts, as well as the products produced in these areas.

The art of DAR launching festivity will take place  at the wellknown gathering ‘Global Food Marketplace – SIAL’, Paris, between 21st and 25th of October 2012.