Misterul și valoarea artei Transilvănene.

The art of DAR Jam

Prepared with care, passion and attention from fruits grown on Transylvanian grounds, The art of DAR Jam is made using Gerda Gherghiceanu’s secret recipe. Even though she lives in Viscri, her recipies are known world wide and so is the quality of her jams and preserves.

Only she knows the perks of making this jam!

Dogberries, goosberries, and blackcurrants, apples, pears, plums, rhubarb, raspberries.. It’s not a preserve, it’s a jam! No additives or preservatives, just enough sugar to allow the essences,  flavours and savour to improve the jam. Therefore, when you taste it, you will feel the true aroma of Nature.

To create the special yet necessary preserving conditions, and to give it the kingly presentation it deserves, traditional glass master-artists have worked hard for countless hours, developed the design and hand made the packaging. This way, this distinguished sweet made of halthy fruits is rightfully honoured by being presented in a  masterpiece altogether!

This is The art of DAR Jam!

This precious DAR (gift – in Romanian, that is), comes straight from the Romanian Carpathians Mountains, from people who love, respect and protect Nature and its lively fragrances, FOR people who appreciate the select  natural products made with care , soul and knwoledge.

The art of DAR Jam is part of ‘Jams made in Saxon Villages’ project, initiated by ADEPT Foundation Transilvania in Tarnava Mare and supported by ‘Slow Food Foundation’ for Bio-diversity in Romania.

If you don’t take my words for granted, this is what a British tourist declared after trying Ms Gerda’s jams:

“We were given a variety of jams to taste. I closed my eyes and felt transported into a warm summer afternoon thanks to the intense strawberry and raspberry taste. The sour cherry jam was full bodied and sweet – I felt the authentic taste of the fruits!”

ADEPT Foundation Transilvania promotes the exceptional biodiversity of the Tarnava Mare area by developing this brand. It also ensures additional income to the local communities bringing extra value to the local products.